Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Segmen tahukah anda? - 7UP

How and why did 7UP get its name?

7UP (also known as Seven-Up) was the brainchild of an ex-advertising and merchandising executive, CL Grigg. In 1920, Grigg formed the Howdy Company in St Louis, Missouri, and found success with his first product, Howdy Orange Drink.

Intent upon expanding his empire, Grigg spent several year testing 11 different formulas of lemon-flavoured soft drinks. In 1929, he introduced Seven-Up, then a caramel-coloured beverage.

So, where did ‘7’ and ‘UP’ come from? Despite its identification as a lemon-lime drink, 7UP is actually a blend of seven natural flavours. According to Jim Ball, Vise-President of Corporate Communications for Dr Pepper/Seven-Up Companies, Inc., all of the early advertisements for the new drink described a product that was uplifting and featured a logo with a winged 7. Long before any caffeine scares, 7UP was promoted as a tonic for our physical and emotional ills:

· ‘Seven-Up energizes – sets you up – dispels brain cobwebs and muscular fatigue.’

· ‘Seven-Up is a pure as mountain snows…’

· ‘Fills the mouth [true, but then so does cough syrup] – thrills the taste buds – cools the blood – energizes the muscles – soothes the nerves – and makes your body alive – glad – happy.’

7UP’s advertising has improved and charged markedly over the years, but its name has proved to be durably effective, even if customer don’t have the slightest idea what ‘Seven-Up’ means. Grigg could have chosen much worse. Contemplate sophisticated adults sidling up to a bar and ordering a rum and Howdy Lemon –Lime drink.

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